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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Prisoners (2013) - review

A Thanksgiving get together for a pair of families takes a sudden turn for the worst when their two young daughters disappear without a trace.  It is a uncomfortable premise and from that point onward the film only gets more grueling and dark, raising moral questions that are uncomfortable even considering.  The stellar cast lead by Hugh Jackman, who plays against character, as a father ofone of the missing girls that will do anything he can find his daughter.   The ever surprising, Jake Gyllenhaal, delivering one of his best performances, plays a young detective that is determined to solve the mystery by the book.

The film is full of intrigue and mystery that will keep you engaged as you try to piece it all together.  But, be warned it is a very tough film to sit through at times.  It sets a dark tone and you are not given a hint of a break- there is no humor, no light scenes, just grimness straight through.  The film delves into numerous religious themes that add even more weight to an already draining story.  This is masterfully handled in one scene that turns a recital of Our Father into an powerful moment of doubt and self-evaluation.  It is just one of many scenes that will have you trying to determine which way your moral compass would point in the face for such a horrific situation.

Although it is a great film full of stellar performances I recommend you proceed with caution before watching, it may be too much for some to handle.  Especially if you are a parent, it is may be too emotionally gut-wrenching for you to appreciate it.  Go hug your kids and watch something lighter instead.

8.5 out of 10

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