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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Review: Meet Me In St. Louis (1944) - 12 Days of Christmas Movies #1

Plot:  The musical, which takes place the year before the 1904 World's Fair, follows the Smith family sisters through a series of life lessons.   The family is preparing for their reluctant move from St. Louis to New York City - while doing so, the two oldest daughters seem focused on one thing, getting some men to propose to them.

Review:  This wonderful slice of American "life" never feels authentic, but then again, that's not why you watch musicals.  The musical numbers carry much of the load and the there is enough charm to keep your interest even when the thin plot is at its thinnest.  You would expect the biggest draw to be Judy Garland, and she does deliver a great performance, but it is her youngest sister Tootie (Margaret O'Brien) that steals the show with her awkward-yet-cute delivery.  This film can be watched an enjoyed by all, if you can handle musicals.  7 out of 10

Christmas Joy Grade:    C-
Although, it did debut the classic holiday song, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," this is not much of a Christmas film, more of a film with a Christmas portion.  Then again, shortly after Garland sings the iconic song, Tootie goes nuts and starts smashing her snowmen with a stick.

Christmas Choke-up Grade:  C-
Tootie's tear filled eyes during "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" may pull at the heart strings - otherwise, the saccharine sweetness of the entire film puts a protective glaze on your emotions.

Memorable Lines:
Agnes Smith: And then he burns the cats at midnight in his furnace. You could smell the smoke...
'Tootie' Smith: ...and Mr. Braukoff was beating his wife with a red hot poker... and Mr. Braukoff has empty whiskey bottles in his cellar.

Did You Know?:
Judy Garland recorded "The Trolley Song" in a single take.
Margaret O'Brien was awarded a Special Oscar for Best Child Actor.

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