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Monday, April 22, 2013

Flight - Review (2012)

Nothing like a few drinks before a flight to put you at ease, unless you're the captain.

Getting through life is often about being in control.  The more control you have easier it can be to deal with.  In this film we watch Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) whose life is out of control, what's ironic is that being out of control is where he is most comfortable.  This may be a great trait to possess when you are an airline pilot whose every work day deals with putting hundreds of people's lives in your hands.  That is, unless it is an addiction to drugs and alcohol that aide him through the day.

The film starts with one of the most  harrowing flights in the history of film.  Beware, if you do not like flying you may think twice (or even three times) about watching this.  This flight is what you will be talking about for days, but it is Whip's struggles with control that will resonate.  There is one shot in this film that I still have engrained in my head weeks after viewing the film and it has nothing to do with a plane - let me know if you can figure out which one it is.

Besides the unforgettable flight scene most of the film takes place on the land.  Although the level of intensity drops off, the performances will keep you engaged - namely that of Denzel.  He turns of his auto-Denzel acting and delivers a nuanced performance that provides you a realistic, gripping portrayal of internal struggle. 

It is nice to see Robert Zemeckis step away from the creepy 3D models and return to telling stories in live-action where he belongs.  If this is what we have been missing out on, it is a shame he was sidetracked for the last decade.

8 out of 10

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