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Monday, January 28, 2013

Searching For Sugar Man - Review (2012)

Tells the true story of a mysterious musician from the several decades ago that put out music that was virtually unheard by American ears only to be adopted by the youth of South Africa as anthems for change.  When it is revealed that people know little about the artist and that he may have even committed suicide on stage, some fans go in search of the man behind the music.

It is an interesting tale, unfortunately one that I had already had revealed to me on a news magazine show.  With most the details already revealed this felt like a more detailed recap.  It was interesting, but I am sure much of the appeal of following the trail of the mysterious Sugar Man was lost for me.  If you are a fan of music, particularly Bob Dylan-esque music, then check it out.  It is an interesting tale and in the very least his music is actually quite good.

7.0  out of 10

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