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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Thing - Review (1982) 31 Days of Horror #23

Premise:  Something is found frozen in the ice.  When it is thawed out you'll wish they kept it frozen.

Review:  Every once in a while you come across something you never tried before and it quickly becomes part of your list of favorite things.  That is how John Carpenter's The Thing was for me.  It is a film I had seen hundreds of times as I browsed the offerings of the corner video store as a kid, in the Netflix offerings and on many lists of must-see horror films.  Until last year I ignored it for what reason I don't know.  Then last year I saw it streaming on Netflix, had some time to kill and decided it was time to see what it was all about.  Surprise, surprise - I loved it.  A good old fashioned monster movie that used the unknown, isolation and paranoia to keep the viewer on their toes from beginning to end.

Upon a second viewing I enjoyed it just as much as the first.  So I was not just in the mood for that movie that day, it was a newly discovered treasure.  The film works for many reasons.  The performances are stellar, the unique, eerie setting and the feeling that the whole time there is a monster among us.  The scenes are shot to create incredible tension.  At times giving the audience a glimpse of the lurking evil but only enough to give us the knowledge that that threat is in the room, when and where it will attack from we only discover as the characters do.

Fortunately, the special effects hold up quite well.  For a film that is thirty years old they are actually quite impressive, there was absolutely no reason for a remake.  If you are like me and have passed over this gem, make things right and watch it now.

Scariness:              4.0 out of 5    Plenty of scenes will have you holding your breath all the way until the point when you jump out of your seat.

Violence/ Gore:    3.5 out of 5     Lots of monster makeup, things exploding, bloody flesh.

Story:                     4.0 out of 5     A monster walks among us done right. 

Overall rating (as a film, not just a horror film):  8.5 out of 10

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