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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Exorcist 3 - Review (1990) 31 Nights of Horror #21

Premise:  After a series of grisly murders it is up to a grizzled cop to figure out if there is a connection to previous incidents with spinning heads and pea soup.

Review:  Not too many people are talking about The Exorcist 3 these days.  Maybe it is since sequels in general do not get any respect (and often for good reason) or maybe because people never heard of it.  Honestly, it is one of those films I had forgotten about it and am thankful that it was put on my list. 

What is nice here is this is not just another film sequel.  We do not get a direct continuation of the original film or a complete knockoff that simply substitutes the family and gives them the exact same scenario.  This is a new concept, one that fares alright.  You never feel as if you are being delivered a rehash.  Which does pose the question, why connect it to The Exorcist at all?  It perhaps would have been better off with its original title "Legion," preventing any pre-conceived viewer expectations.

Although the film is nowhere close to perfect, it does have some genuinely scary elements even if they are surrounded by a story is too talky and complex for its own good.  The correct tone is established at times, only to be undercut by George C. Scott doing his best to overact every single line.  No matter how simple it is Scott delivers it like a line of great importance.   Even with Scott hamming it up, the oddest part of the film remains the dream sequence that is so goofy you have to wonder how the hell it made the final cut, it includes Patrick Ewing.  Luckily for audiences, it does not include a scene about the old Ewing sneakers, those were monsters.

The film is uneven, long sequences of dialogue take place in a cell..  Much of is you are better off not hearing, it pretty convoluted and only takes away from what was working in the film.

Scariness:              2.5 out of 5   There are some good shocks and a scary tone to go with it.

Violence/ Gore:     1.5 out of 5   More implied violence than violence itself.

Story:                     3.0 out of 5    It is not a rehash and that is good, but it does get a little too talky.

Overall rating (as a film, not just a horror film):  6.0 out of 10

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