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Thursday, November 15, 2012

House of Wax - Review (2005) 31 Nights of Horror #22

Premise:  A group of kids on a road trip take a wrong turn (never heard that one before) into a town with a secret... a waxy secret.  (SPOILER ALERT: not an ear wax secret)

Review:  Here is a film that usually scares off most viewers using one word.  No, not the word remake.  I am referring to the word Paris... Hilton to be exact.  Our nation tends to be prejudice against beautiful, rich, spoiled, obnoxious whores.  I find such attitudes to be appalling.  When prejudice wins we all lose.  This explains why most of you have never seen this wonderful film.  Sure it is an exercise in implausibility that marches a group of clothing line model looking actors to their doom, but it is done is an entertainingly stupid, fun way.

The film follows the formula of many a horror film, especially of its era.  There are few staples of that are not well represented here which may be one reason why it works.  It delivers a lot of the same ole, same ole, but while doing so keeps your interest because you are not tossed into it expected to hit the ground running, the secrets of the film are slowly revealed.

The film does have its share of cringe inducing moments, even eye had to turn my head and force myself to look during a few spots of the film.  Often these moments were brought about by the a character that lacks common sense, a standard for the genre.  One seen in particular I kept waiting for it to end, but the dummy keeps making it worse.  You'll know it when you see it.

The film also sports a terrific finale.  I don't usually love over the top CGI effects - this time they work.  They are the bow on a cinematic present that you didn't know you wanted.  Come in with realistic expectations and you should enjoy.   

As for Paris Hilton, she does fine.   If you hold so much hate in your heart that the presence of a spoiled, rich white girl will prevent you from seeing a film, perhaps it time for counseling.  Prejudice sucks.

Scariness               3.0 out of 5    Often more intense than scary.

Violence/Gore      4.5 out of 5    Some dark moments that may have you cringing.

Story                     2.5 out of 5   Preposterous?  Yes.  Entertaining though.

Overall Rating (as a film, not just as a horror film):  7 out of 10

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