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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shaun of the Dead - Review (2004) 31 Days of Horror #4

Synopsis:  Shaun (Simon Pegg) and Ed (Nick Frost) go through a daily routine of sitting on the couch, playing video games, going to a dead end job and topping it off with a trip to their favorite pub, The Winchester.  That is until the world is under a full-on zombie attack, then they just need to find a way to The Winchester.

Review:  Shaun of the Dead is one of those films that gets better each time you watch it.  It is perfectly balanced horror comedy providing both some scares and a great deal of laughs.  The filmmakers obviously know and love the genre and it shows with this spot on parody.  They mash together so many different genres - horror, parody, satire, romance, bromance, family drama - with varying success.  It is a rare horror treat for a relatively wide audience.  One reason it can work with so many demographics is the horror tends to be delivered with a dash of humor - they violence is often over the top and often funny.

The bromance (not a term I use often, but it fits) between Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, which is more interesting than Pegg's romance with the ex-girlfriend, is the second biggest draw only to the smart social satire.  We are represented as mindless zombies with short attention spans that are stuck following their daily routine - and that is BEFORE the zombie outbreak.  The film is clever.

SCARINESS              2 out of 5       The scares are cut with humor.  A few startling moments.  But, it is safe to say, you won't have nightmares from this. 

GORE/VIOLENCE       2.5 out of 5      There is a good amount of gore, but it most often part of a joke.  Unless you are a complete lightweight you won't be covering your eyes.

STORY                       4.5 out of  5      One of the best balanced horror comedy with a great bromance mixed in.

Overall Rating (as a film, not just as a horror film):  8 out of 10

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