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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Know What You Did Last Summer - Review (1997) 31 Days of Horror #17

Premise:  After a group of partying kids coverup they start receiving threatening notes from a witness.

Review:  The film starts off on the right foot, an accidental death, a cover-up and then the threatening hand written notes stating - I KNOW.  Not only did someone witness their heinous act, they also want revenge.  Then the film goes into autopilot and reaches the point of earning unintentional laughs.  We are treated with some awkward scenes - a random hair cutting, a car attack, a random murder because we need a murder.  It is chock full of lazy writing.  Why would someone set on revenge cut a girl's hair that he intended to kill?  Why not finish the job?  What the hell is Leonard from The Big Bang Theory doing working at a fishing dock?

Then there is the laughable villain, the Gorton's fisherman.  Not only is he a man chasing teenagers in full fishing garb in the middle of summer, he must have magic powers or a teleporter (be careful with that thing) giving him the ability be in all places at once and achieve the impossible.  He can also load up a trunk of a car with a dead body and a few dozen live crabs then quickly empty it all in a matter of seconds so when the group returns to the car it is empty.  Not just empty, all remnants of the previous cargo have been removed, completely bare - it even had new car scent.  If fishing does not work out for him he should work in car detailing.

It is one of those films that gets worse with additional viewing.  The first time I saw it I found it intense and satisfying.   The more I watch it, the more obvious that this film was quickly produced to capture the same audience that made Scream a hit.  There are just so many things that make no sense.

Still it is fun to watch.  It has some startling moments, usage of just about every easy scare tactic and Jennifer Love Hewitt has some pipes - she can scream like nobody's business.  If you want some brainless entertainment watch it, if you want to think go elsewhere.

Scariness:             2.0 out of 5    More cheap scares and intense chases than scares.

Gore/Violence:     1.5 out of 5    Some stabbings, dead bodies - not much blood.

Story:                    2.5 out of 5    Great premise followed by paint by numbers horror.

Overall rating (as a film, not just a horror film):  5 out of 10

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