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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What is your favorite scary movie?

In about 10 days I will be posting the schedule for 31 Days of Halloween Horror.  A Watch-Along if you would like month of horror films.  I have a long list of horror movies ready in my memory bank, but would love to get your opinion on some of the best horror movies.

Please provide a few of your favorite horror movies and if possible let me know why  (scary as hell, so bad it is good, the first scary movie you ever saw, etc.)   It does not matter if it is popular or unknown - post it.   I may just use some of your submissions to fill in one calendar date.

More details coming soon, until then I look forward to seeing your favs in the comment section.

I recommend you register with the Disqus system (the comment system) it takes seconds, is simple and adds to the experience for you.  Try it.  I wouldn't lie.

Check out our list of 31 horror films at FilmSnork's 31 Days of Horror.

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