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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Goon - Review (2012)

Doug Glatt (Sean William Scott) is a goon - a hockey player, often a not very skilled one whose sole purpose is to get on the ice, throw down the gloves and fight.  When I sat down to watch a hockey comedy about a goon my expectations were a "Slapshot" ripoff - in other words my expectations were low.  Surprisingly, this film did not get stuck in the trappings so many sports comedies do.

Maybe I am just a sucker for hockey films because my team seems to always be the underdog and I escape into the world where underdogs win, not just keep me sitting heartbroken waiting for the new season where the cycle can continue.  Sure this film is not a classic, but it is an entertaining sports tale that does not make the mistake so many sports movies make, an over-abundance of very large personalities.  These personalities are almost always whittled down to a group of caricatures.  You have seen them before, the old veteran that has one last game in him, the hot shot, the guy that is as dumb as rocks, the runt with heart and so on.  The teammates in this film come across like average guys that just want to win a game.

The one character I could do without is Glatt's sidekick, played by Jay Baruchel, an obnoxious, noisy, repulsive and unfunny waste of celluloid.  As the film starts he takes up much too much screen time, luckily he is less present in the second half of the film or I would not be able to give this films the 6 out of 10 stars I am giving it.

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