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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Exporting Raymond - Review (2010)

An interesting and humorous documentary following the the creator of "Everybody Loves Raymond" (Philip Rosenthal) as he attempts to re-create for Russian television.  The draw here is the not the behind the scenes look at Russian television production (which is in a surprising way exactly what you would expect,) but rather the culture clash of an outsider trying to make a successful version of his show for a country of people that have a different idea of humor.  Who would have thought that the physical comic reaction to getting kicked in the groin could change the feel of an entire scene so drastically?  As Rosenthal makes great attempts to retain the the spirit and style of his show, the Russian production company seems just as determined to restrict the comedy to that more recognizable by Russian viewers.  I would like a sequel that covered all future attempts to export the show allowing us to see the hurdles they had to overcome when exporting it globally - Poland, Mexico, Italy, etc.  I am sure each would have their own interesting stories.  6 out of 10

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