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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Drive-In Classics: The Intermission Films

In honor of the 75th anniversary of the first drive-in theater here are a selection of drive-in intermission films from several different decades. The memories. They all have their charms and all did a tremendous job convincing you (even though you knew better) that the snack bar food was worth getting out of your car to go and track down. It wasn't. But, if eating some terrible pizza and cold fries meant the drive-in would stay ooen for years to come - then it was my duty. Enjoy the videos and make sure you hunt down and support your local drive-in.   (6-6-2012)
In my opinion, the best of the all. Makes the refreshment stand sound like fine dining - when you got there it was run by a bunch of slacker teenagers, the food was dried our from sitting under heat lamps and the coffee was terrible. JUST THE WAY I LIKED IT.

The ad for the mosquito deterring rings you burn in your car. Eventually it was learned that these rings did not deter mosquitos, but they did attract zombies.  The poor people of the Holiday Drive-Inn did not stand a chance.

5:33 in you'll find a message for the lovers in the audience. Lucky for me their fogged up windshields prevented them from reading this or I would have never been born.

"Let's go out tof the lobby."  CLASSIC.

 1:33 in "Corn dogs are made of PEOPLE. They're made of people!!!"

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