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Monday, March 26, 2012

FilmSnork's Dream

(03/17/2012)  Another year, another birthday.  As I get older, I do as many people do, I reflect back on my life.  Remembering what has gotten me to this point - not only the accomplishments and victories, but also the failures and regrets.  One thing that has had a constant presence in my life has been film.  It has been a passion and a dream.  These are just a few random moments from my movie viewing history that came to mind.

The mysterious moment when we all packed into the family van on an undisclosed trip at sunset - not one of my 5 siblings knew where we were going to.  The curiosity turned to joy when my mother walked in with the cooler of drinks, bags of homemade popcorn and the pillows.  We were going to the drive-in!!!  So many memories of the drive-in theater James Bond films, 101 Dalmatians, the refreshment stand the wonderful intermission countdown videos "5 minutes til showtime."  The one memory that stands out is when my parents choose to see something beside Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Are you kidding me!  Not sure what we were supposed to be watching, but my feature (through the side window and without audio) was Indy in all it's face-melting glory.

I clearly remember crying when my mother walked me to bed as I tried for the fourth and final time to convince her that I CAN stay awake to finish watching The Ten Commandants.  It was our annual Easter viewing of the film with Grandma and Babcia taking the prime seats on the couch.  My mother had seen my eyes close and head bob multiple time.  Knowing it was the right thing to do she walked me to bed.  I cried myself to sleep pretty quickly.

Then there was the time we were all playing wiffle ball in my best friend's backyard and one of the gang was talking about how he saw Pee Wee's Big Adventure.  My focus instantly shifted completely from the game at hand to the movie I wished to so.  I wanted to see that movie.  I had to see that movie.  I had to know about that movie.  It baffled me, how HE (a common man) not me (the young film connoisseur) could have been lucky enough to learn the secret of the Adventures of Pee Wee.  My pestering for details proved to be too much for my friend.  After countless attempts to gain knowledge of the Adventure - during huddles on the mound, between at bats and during big out high fives, I was told to wait until after the game before he would tell me more... he never did.  :(

The time I went to visit my college roommate and his wife for the first time in a long time and convinced them to see Superman Returns during my short visit.  Neither wanted to, both did even though it was my second screening of it in two days (forgot if that detail was disclosed or undisclosed.)  They were underwhelmed.  I felt bad... a little.  Oh well.

Then there is a tale of romance.  It was an average Saturday night.  I was on a date with a beautiful woman with a plan, a nice dinner, drinks and movie.  Dinner and the drinks went well and off we went to an old restored theater to see Leaving Las Vegas.  We enjoyed the film and I did not want the night to end just yet so I could get more time with this girl I was smitten with.  I offered up the idea that we see another movie to which she was open to.  The challenge what film and where?   The film, easy, I had in mind the classic date film Dead Man Walking with Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon.  As for where, back in those days it was not as easy... no internet, no smartphones and for that matter, no cellphones.  In those days you would have to have a quarter to call someone that had the local listings on them or the number to the theater to check the showtimes.  The other option, carrying around a newspaper and checking the times, by hand, on paper - like a caveman.  Luckily, I was prepared and had the entertainment section in my car and off we went.  We made it to the theater just in time and enjoyed the show to the point that my date was sobbing uncontrollably.  I guess she liked it.  After she calmed down we went to a little bar and grabbed another drink.  As we sat there enjoying the cocktail and eachother's company and idea came to mind.  Let's see one more film.  There was a second-run theater on the way home that we called the dollar-fifties.  One film for one dollar and fifty cents.  You can't beat that.  To extend the evening a bit longer I decided to offer the idea of one more film.  There was no way she would.  No one would be interested in three films in a row after an evening already full of two harrowing films.  There was no way.  Wait.  Scratch that.  She wanted to go.  Off we went to see 12 Monkeys.  A perfect evening.  A few drinks, a nice dinner, a beautiful date and great movies.  Afterwards, I did the only thing that seemed appropriate, I married her.

There are additional tales I could tell, hundreds of them.  The midnight screening of the Burton/Keaton Batman film with a group of friends where we were literally chased around by two girls.  That was a magic evening.  The time my dad did not anticipate E.T. being sold out and we had to settle for a family outing to see the beloved children's film starring Ben Kingsley, Ghandi.  I enjoyed it.   My daughter's first movie and how it ended in tears after it finished and she told me, "That was my favoritist, favoritist movie ever.'  Oh yeah, the tears were mine. 

The stories go on and on and on.  I had trouble stopping here, but I will have mercy on you.  Movies have been a part of my life since as far back as I remember.  These short tales may sound like just another story, but to me they are just a few of those that shaped  my life and made me who I am.  So many people helped create these memories, from all different stages of my life.... all important.  Someday I may forget them which is why this one paragraph entry in the FilmSnork110 Journal has become the epic entry is now it.  I had a dream that my name would one day be synonymous with film and not just because of this blog.  Let it be known the dream still lives on.  It will never die.  Whenever I begin to lose focus of the dream I simply buy a ticket to my local cinema and am reminded all over again.

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