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Monday, May 7, 2012

FilmSnork's 100 Day/ 110 Movie Challenge (COMPLETED)

Challenge Announcement and Description (01/25/2012)
Over the next few months I, FilmSnork, will be taking on a challenge that has been unheard of in the world of film writing, probably because I made it up... 110 films in 100 days.  Over the last few years life has gotten in the way of my film viewing - a once near daily (or multiple times daily) event has gone to the back burner as everyday life have taken priority.  Well, everyday life is going to have to learn to share me as I return to a steady diet of film consumption.  Sorry family, sorry kids, sorry job - this is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change.

Over the hundred days, I plan to intake a steady mix of films - some of the recently Oscar nominees, some of those films that I have always been told to see & for one reason or another have avoided, a few stabs in the dark based solely on the DVD packaging and, if provided, your recommendations.

I will update this post on a daily basis with micro-reviews of each film and info about upcoming viewing.  As the challenge moves forward expect me to schedule in theme weeks (i.e. Torture FilmSnork Week - a full week of films starring my least favorite actors/actresses, Flop Week - Ishtar, Gigli, etc), John Hughes Week, etc.
As with any challenge there are rules that need to be established, so here they are:
- The most obvious rule - I have to watch the entire film.
- 100 of the films will be movies I have never watched before or never watched in their entirety.
- 10 of the films will be films I have already watched.
- 10 films will be recommendations - please be nice.
-  I do not need to watch one film a day,  I can stockpile to prepare for days where I will not be able to fit a movie in.
-  I can also fall behind and watch multiple films in one day to catch up.
-  All films will be reviewed.  Exceptionally good or bad ones shall be given full reviews.
-  All viewing must take place between February 1st and May 10th. 

I think that just about covers it.  As I prepare myself mentally, physically and emotionally for this challenge I ask one thing from all of you, your participation.  No, you do not need to watch the 110 films, but your input, recommendations and support.  It will take me about 200 hours of viewing and plenty more of writing about the adventure.  All I ask of you is a simple comment here and there, your response to my review (agree or disagree), recommendations, a simple click of the "like" button.  A little encouragement goes a long way.

- FilmSnork

Below you will find the film schedule, theme weeks and the original announcement of the event.  I update the page daily with my progress and with additions to my queue.  Please look over the theme categories and feel free to provide recommendations for those that have less than 5 films listed.  All recommendations are considered, only those I have not seen are chosen.  So far I have 44 of 110 films selected - 66 to go.


The Film Schedule:
#1,2     (02/01/2012) : The Descendants, Warrior
#3        (02/02/2012) : A Better Life
#4        (02/03/2012) : Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
#5        (02/04/2012) : KungFu Panda 2
#6        (02/05/2012) : The Help
#7        (02/06/2012) : Moneyball
#8        (02/07/2012) : Real Steel
#9        (02/08/2012):  The Artist
#10      (02/09/2012):  Midnight in Paris*
#11      (02/10/2012):  Ides of March
#12      (02/11/2012):  Puss In Boots
#13      (02/12/2012):  Rise of the Planet of the Apes
#14,15 (02/13/2012):  War Horse, Beginners
#16      (02/14/2012):  Hell and Back
#17,18 (02/15/2012):  If a Tree Falls, There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane
#19      (02/16/2012):  Birdemic
#20      (02/17/2012):  Bridesmaids
#21      (02/18/2012):  Bitch Slap
#22      (02/19/2012):  Horrible Bosses
#23      (02/20/2012):  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
#24      (02/21/2012):  The Beaver
#25      (02/22/2012):  Being Elmo
#26      (02/23/2012):  Tree of Life
#27      (02/24/2012):  Saturday the 14th,
#28      (02/25/2012)   Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
#29      (02/26/2012)   The Odd Couple
#30      (02/27/2012)   The Real Thing
#31      (02/28/2012)   A Prophet (Un Prophète)

#32      (02/29/2012)   Thor
#33      (03/01/2012)   Contagion
#34      (03/02/2012)   Paranormal Activity 3
#35      (03/03/2012)   Another Earth
#36      (03/04/2012)   Bad Teacher
#37      (03/05/2012)   Project Nim
#38-40 (03/06/2012)   Pearl Jam Twenty, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Fright Night
#41      (03/07/2012)   Tabloid
#42      (03/08/2012)   Every Little Step
#43      (03/09/2012)   Troll Hunter
#44      (03/10/2012)   X-Men: First Class
#45      (03/11/2012)   My Week With Marilyn
#46      (03/12/2012)   Everything Must Go
#47      (03/13/2012)   The Hangover 2
#48      (03/14/2012)   Cedar Rapids
#49      (03/15/2012)   Alice In Wonderland
#50      (03/16/2012)   Despicable Me
            (03/17/2012)   FilmSnork Day of Rest
#51,52 (03/18/2012)   talhotblond, Super
#53      (03/19/2012)   Win Win
#54,55 (03/20/2012)   Red Riding Trilogy: 1974 & 1980
#56      (03/21/2012)   Red Riding Trilogy: 1983
#57      (03/22/2012)   Lincoln Lawyer 
#58      (03/23/2012)   Tin Tin
#59      (03/24/2012)   Cowboys and Aliens 
#60      (03/25/2012)   Our Idiot Brother

#61,62 (03/26/2012)   Grown Ups,  Just Go With It 

#63      (03/27/2012)   The Resident
#64      (03/28/2012)   The Dilemma
#65      (03/29/2012)   The Hunger Games
#66      (03/30/2012)   I Am Number Four
#67      (03/31/2012)   Young Adult
#68      (04/01/2012)   In Time

#69      (04/02/2012)   Memories of Murder
#70      (04/03/2012)   Mother
#71      (04/04/2012)   Sin Nombre
#72      (04/05/2012)   Battle Royale
#73,74 (04/06/2012)   Jesus Christ Superstar, The Skin I Live In
#75      (04/07/2012)   I Am Love
#76      (04/08/2012)   Broken Embraces 

#77      (04/09/2012)  Stone
#78      (04/10/2012)  The Incredible Hulk*
#79      (04/11/2012)  Pride and Glory
#80      (04/12/2012)  Kingdom of Heaven
#81      (04/13/2012)  Fight Club*

#82       (04/14/2012)  Melancholia

#83       (04/15/2012)  Come and See 
#84       (04/16/2012)  The Longest Day
#85       (04/17/2012)  Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
#86       (04/18/2012)  Gettysburg
#87       (04/19/2012)  Hell is for Heroes

#88,89  (04/20/2012)  The Sitter, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

#90       (04/21/2012)  IP Man

#91       (04/22/2012)  Take Shelter

#92       (04/23/2012)  Blue Valentine
#93,94  (04/24/2012)  After the Wedding, Martha Marcy May Marlene
#95       (04/25/2012)  Troubled Water
#96,97 (04/26/2012)   Biutiful, Morning Glory
#98       (04/27/2012)  Hereafter

#99       (04/28/2012)  Meek's Cutoff

#100     (04/29/2012)  12

#101,102 (04/30/2012)  Blindness, Cabin In The Woods

#103,104 (05/01/2012)  Shane, The People vs. George Lucas
#105        (05/02/2012)  Das Boot
#106        (05/03/2012)  Goodfellas* 
#107        (05/04/2012)  The Avengers  

#108        (05/05/2012)  True Romance*
#109        (05/06/2012)  King Kong (1933)*
#110        (05/07/2012)  We Bought a Zoo
#111        (05/08/2012)  Rear Window*
#112,113 (05/09/2012)  Mars Attacks*, The Godfather*
#114,115 (05/10/2012)  Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,* Back to the Future*

Legend: not viewed yet, viewedprevious viewed selection*



Norm said...

Here are a few recomendations:
Shattered Glass
Bubba Hotep
Big Fan

FilmSnork said...

Thanks. I saw all three. Did not enjoy Bubba Hotep as much as I was expecting - perhaps I was not in the right mood. Maybe I will add it to the 10 previously seen films list. Enjoyed the other two.

Sarah M. said...

Trying to think of some you may not have seen and would enjoy. Some ideas: The Kid Stays in the Picture, Mother, SheMonkeys, The Straight Story, In the Bedroom, After the Wedding, Troubled Water. The last 3 could be included in "if you don't cry, you have no soul" week.

Sarah M. said...

Trying to think of some you may not have seen. The Straight Story? In the Loop? SheMonkeys? Mother? In the Bedroom? After the Wedding? Troubled Water? Those last 3 could be part of "if you don't cry, you have no soul" week...

FilmSnork said...

@SarahM - not a bad list. Saw half of them, most the others are in my Netflix queue, and "Mother" was arleady on the 110 list. Loved "In the Loop" - brilliant writing. "The Straight Story" is very un-Lunch-like David Lynch - his only film I would have watched with my Grandmother. "In the Bedroom" a tough one to watch - Wilkinson is great.

I am thinking I will have the "If You Don't Cry Week" as part of the lineup.

Expect to see at least two of these films make the list and "Meek's Cutoff" as well.

Thanks - more are welcome.

Anonymous said...

perhaps my favorite "underwatched" movie - Insomnia, starring Pacino. If you have not watched it, add it to the list - should have been Best Picture of 2002. For the FIRST film, you should probably take something in the public conscious now - in theaters or up for Oscars.... The Artist, The Descendents, Red Tails. I am dying to see The Grey. - Chris F.

FilmSnork said...

@ChrisF - Good recommendation. Problem is I have seen both "Insomnia" films, the original and the Nolan remake. Both good. I am thinking "The Descendents" may be the first. Saw "The Artist" already, working on a review.

Michael said...

Requiem For A Dream
The Machinist
The Strangers

Michael said...

In The Bedroom is an excellent movie. Tough to watch at points, but excellent acting by all involved.

FilmSnork said...

@Michael - saw, saw, saw. Good recs though. This is tougher than it may seem. I have seen a great amount of films. Keep them coming though. I love seeing what people recommend.

Michael said...

How about Adam Sandler week? You can call that Torture Week 2.

Michael said...

Actually, how about the good (or above average) Adam Sandler movies? Like Reign Over Me, Ounk Drunk Love, Funny People?? Not saying i'm a big Sandler fan, but a few of his movies were pretty good and may have been overlooked because he was in them.

FilmSnork said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FilmSnork said...

I do not like to rip on something without trying, otherwise it is baseless. I have seen almost every Adam Sandler film. My Favorites: Punch Drunk Love, Funny People, Click (because it is an "It's a Wonderful Life" ripoff), Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. The majority of the rest are complete trash.

Amy P said...

How about "Blindness with Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo? "The Reader" with Kate Winslet? "Wrist Cutters" with Justin Long?

FilmSnork said...

"The Reader" and "Wristcutters" have both been viewed already, both had their own redeeming qualities. Good recs. "Blindness" has a premise worth pursuing further. thanks

Anonymous said...

One Night in Paris

FilmSnork said...

Waiting for the sequel - thanks though.

chaz. said...

"This Film Is Not Yet Rated"?

FilmSnork said...

Saw it a few years back. Good.

Anonymous said...

im seeing a lack of comdies on this list. 110 films , your gonna need some laughs.

FilmSnork said...

I love comedies, please offer recommendations. Also put a name or nickname in your posts so I know "who" I am speaking to. You can choose Name/Url instead of Anonymous and type in any name you.want. It makes it easier to create a dialog. Thanks

Tamara Gerardino said...

Girl with the Dragon Tatoo ( sure you watched it already), La piel que Habito/Almodovar, Perfect Sense, Contagion, A Prophet/French ( Excellent), Revanche/ Austria, The Page Turner/ French, Troubled water, Les 7 jours du Talion/French version, The Perfect Host...I'll keep on posting as I rememeber...

FilmSnork said...

Actually, I have not seen the American version of Dragon Tattoo yet (did see the version out of Denmark though.) Several of these films are on the list. Several I have not heard of. You can expect to see many of them on the #FilmSnork110 list.

Michael said...

For pick the actors/actress week.

Edward Norton - AHX, or other flix you never saw him in.

Scarlett Johannson

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