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Monday, January 30, 2012 is Dead! The site is now

Besides a new, easier to use URL that is unlikely to be blocked by work firewall the site is exactly the same.   One side effect has been the loss of all the Facebook "like" clicks, the Google +1s, etc.  Please take the time to click the Like button on the bottom of some of the old stories you enjoyed in the past, it shows me you appreciate the work put into the site and helps me to determine what types of stories you would like to see more of.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

After an almost 30 year absence from the public eye (unless you count that terrible TV series with Jennifer Aniston) he is back. Ferris Bueller will return for your viewing pleasure in a new Super Bowl ad. Below is the teaser.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Golden Globes or How To Make Entertainment Unentertaining

Golden Globes the celebrity drinkfest and entertainment awards soiree has come and gone yet again. After three hours of interrupted speeches, a muted Ricky Gervais, some predictable/yawn worthy awards the evening ended on a high note - closing credits. It is not as if the awards did not have their moments, but they were so few and far between that when they occurred they just reminded me of how boring the rest of the show was.

Ricky Gervais, the funniest men on earth, the comic that single handedly got the Globes more press in one year than all other broadcasts combined, was much tamer to say the least. I am not saying he was not funny - just that if last year was a inferno hot sauce, this year was Taco Bell's medium salsa. Attacking easy targets like Bieber and Kim Kardashian is what I expect from Jay Leno, not Mr. Gervais. If this is what you get become after being criticized for being too tough on Hollywood then step aside Ricky and take your act to the People's Choice Awards where this softer version of yourself would still be considered risque.

This film season is also lacking something. That thing, that one beloved film, the must see that film snobs and soccer moms alike must see; the type of film that months after you have seen it and advised everyone else to check it out, your to-cool-for-the-room (in their minds) friends tell you, "You must see blah, blah, blah." This just does not seem to be the year for a rally around film. As we get closer to The Oscars (aka the REAL film awards) the press will tell you otherwise... FilmSnork will not. Don't believe the lies. There are great films out there - The Descendants has its fans, Hugo charmed audiences, even The Artist has a dedicated supporters (people love dogs) - the problem, none of these films seem to transcending the audience gap. The end result is are awards that lack grouping - a bird shot spray of trophies instead of a clear audience fave. Last night we saw awards go to Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris," Scorsese as director, a couple for "The Descendants" and "The Artist", so on and so on. Perhaps these awards will raise awareness to some of these films, creating an increase showing at the box office and in the hearts of filmgoers... not likely.

It was especially tough to rally around one film when the winners were treated like cattle; pushed up on stage and quickly herded off by the sound of the orchestra.  Wait a minute, aren't the winners why we are here?  Aren't we supposed to care what they say?  I guess not.  How are we supposed to care about the awards when the show itself does not.  Most speeches were boring, predictable and pointless, but if you give someone just a little more time to speak before the violins start playing perhaps some heart will  be left on the stage.

Then there are the misdirected awards, those given to an undeserving winner because their presence is more press worthy or they are generally seen as more "important" - namely Madonna. The win for Best Song for the film "W.E." (which she just happened to direct) wreaks of ingenuous. How "Life's a Happy Song" from "The Muppets" does not even get a nomination, but Madge's universally despised film gets not only a nod, but also the trophy is beyond me (not beyond some well placed bribes I bet.) How does a song from a terrible film win this award? Did it help the film find it's tone? And what was that tone, terrible? How do you even nominate "Cars 2" in animation? I know how.  It is Pixar - you do it out of habit.  Garbagio (made-up spanish for garbage). 

Another attribute of the show, the awkward mix of TV and Film awards, prevented the show from flowing. I understand that this is the standard for The Globes, but in previous years the two mediums fit better together, like peanut butter and jelly in award show form. Not this year. My guess as to the cause is the lack of momentum fro anyone program. "Modern Family" is a universally loved show, that ended up with ONE award. I understand spreading the wealth to a point, but when performances and shows (such as Breaking Bad) are completely ignored or only given the obligatory award then perhaps it is time to omit the television awards entirely.

I am going to wrap this (which was supposed to be a paragraph or two) article up.  The Golden Globes are over. Thank goodness.