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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

FilmSnork Bad Idea #2 - We're Not Gonna Take It - "Rock of Ages" Trailer

Somethings are better left alone. On stage this is a hell of a good time; cheesy, over the top and unstoppably awesome - the embodiment of 80's Rock'n'Roll. On film it looks like the a multi-million dollar mistake, a pretender an imposter. Big name actors dressing up and playing pretend. Having Catherine Zeta-Jones sing a Twisted Sister song seems like sacrilege.

Some people would say it looked good on paper. My response: no it didn't.

If this is your idea of rock music I fear for our youth.

Judge for yourself.

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Michael said...

This movie looks absolutely terrible. I find it really hard to believe that Tom Cruise does even a mediocre job selling that he's a rock star. Uggh.

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