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Friday, November 18, 2011

Did FilmSnork Save Arrested Development? The Show is Officially Returning

After years of rumors it seems as if the Bluth Family has found a new home and a wounded company has finally found a lifeline. "Arrested Development" has found a new home at Netflix. Starting in 2013 new episodes will be exclusively on Netflix.

Beating out other giants such as Showtime and Hulu, Netflix has earned its first bit of positive press after months of such comically poor business decisions that you may have thought you were watching a Bluth run company. I would not take a few jabs at the poor decisions of Reed Hastings/Netflix. AR had a field day breaking the fourth wall, slyly attacking Fox for the poor treatment of the show in their first run. I would be disappointed if they didn't throw a few punches here.

Ron Howard, series narrator and executive producer said, “After a long hiatus, I’m dying to finally get back to the narrator’s microphone. Of all the projects we’ve been involved with over the years, we probably get more questions about Mitch Hurtwitz’s brilliant Arrested Development than any other — everyone, ourselves included, seems to feel like the Bluths left the party a bit too soon. Bringing a series back from cancellation almost never happens, but then, Arrested always was about as unconventional as they get, so it seems totally appropriate that this show that broke the mold is smashing it to pieces once again.”

Although details are scare about returning cast members it has been mentioned that no contracts have been finalized.

On thing that is certain, many industry insiders (to be cited later) believe there is no coincidence that this announcement is being made so soon after the show's inclusion to a FilmSnork article naming 12 Must Shows For Movie Fans. We don't like to throw around the term hero, but in this case... well, you get the picture.

As more details arrive they will be reported here. What do you think about this announcement?


MTb00t47 said...

thx filmsnork you saved my favorite show. u deserve our praise.

Michael said...

AWESOME!!!! I cannot wait to see the new episodes. One of my favorite sitcoms of all time.

mithun said...

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