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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One of My Favorite Commercials - IFC/Green Day

A few years back IFC and Green Day collaborated on series of promos using clips from that month's broadcasting and the song Jesus of Suburbia (by Green Day, of course).  I felt for a fan of film they were a must see.   Sadly, no on I knew had seen or even heard of them.  The promos went off the air and unlike everything else under the sun, never made it to Youtube (that I know of).  I searched for months and with the help of a Green Day fan found some lead and eventually the spots.  Here they are in all their glory.  I am sure fans of independent film, rock and awesomeness will enjoy them.  If anyone knows where I can get better copies of them please let me know.  

Feel free to name as many movies from the promos as you can in the comment section.  ENJOY!

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