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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Brand-Spanking New "The Avengers" Trailer

Is the world ready for another superhero film?    It better be, because more are on the way. After cramming superhero film after superhero film into our theaters The Avengers trailer has finally been released. The film has been a hot topic since Samuel Jackson mentioned the word S.H.I.E.L.D during his cool cameo after the original Iron Man film. After all the hype, all the fan boy buildup, the billions spent to bring most of The Avengers to the big screen in their own films - I have FINALLY watched the trailer and......meh. Yup. That's it. Sure it looks good, but after so many superhero films these last few years it is tough to get too excited.

Sometimes less is more. That has never been more evident than in this trailer. This film looks like it is going to suffer from an overload of characters fighting for screen time. Reminds me of X-Men United a superhero so jammed packed with character that it lost he heart found in the previous entry. The promo starts nicely, but toward the middle it turns into a catalog trying to fit all the items on the page.

The saving grace for the film Joss Whedon the director has a great track record and a history with the characters is not going in the hands of some rookie director, or worse, in the hands of someone that directed Charlies Angels.

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Michael said...

Hopefully this movie lives up and beyond all the hype. Its a damn shame that the Super Hero genre has been dragged through the mud, but Hollywood greed destroys a lot of good series and genres. It looks good, hopefully it delivers.

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