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Monday, September 12, 2011

United 93 (Retro Review)

(written in 2006)

DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE… if you have trouble watching reports about 9/11, know anyone that was directly affected by the tragedy, work or are married to someone in the airline industry or have anger issues related to the events of that day.   Viewing this film gave me one of the most visceral reactions I have ever experienced.   I was at the verge of tears at times, my stomach was turning at others and I wanted to dive into my TV set and strangle people at others.  I knew what what coming, I knew what it all lead to yet my emotions were being manipulated like few films before it could.

Everyone knows the events there is no reason to describe them; we all lived it in our own way.  Paul Greengrasses approach is not that of a typical Hollywood film.  The events of that day are treated with class, instead of big names actors you get is a bunch of no names actors, there is little use of music and mostly of the visuals consist of first person POV hand held camera to bring you right into the scenario.  Once you immersed by the incredible events you are not pulled back into reality by quick cuts or heavy handed directing.  This is why the film is so effective, you live that day over int he shoes of those involved, not just as a spectator of an over produced, sleek blockbuster.  The subject is treated with the respect it deserves.

Being both married to a flight attendant and a frequent flier; knowing the lingo, the relationships of the people on those planes and just the ins and outs of the industry often made the events too real for me.   Some of the dialogue in the film are conversations I have had or overheard my wife having her airline friends.  I had a difficult time not "being" on that plane, reliving my worst fears of that day as I wondered about my wife's safety.   It is a tough film to watch.

If you are considering seeing the film please proceed with caution.

9 stars out of 10

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Anonymous said...

Nope, won't watch it. Sorry. I didn't watch 1 minute of the 9/11 coverage this past week. I lived through it.

To me, these movies are for people who didn't live in NYC. Doesn't matter if this movie was nominated for 10 Oscars - I don't need to see a dramatic recreation of the most horrific tragedy in my lifetime.


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