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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SONY WANTS YOU...To Pay More For Their Crappy 3D Films

What do you do when the wave of the future turns out to be more of a ripple?  Charge people more money for the ripple.  That is exactly what Sony is planning to do starting mid next year as they increase the already ridiculous cost of seeing movies in 3D by not fronting the bill for the glasses.

After the initial surge of business brought about by film's new frontier, 3D, the numbers have dropped considerably.  Avatar broke box office records and brought people to the theater in droves to check out the new and improved 3D - it was impressive.  Audiences would shell out the extra money to see just about anything they slapped the 3D label on.  This is where the problems started.  It was not long after its debut that studios were slapping a 3D effect on everything.  The integrity of the new medium was already compromised before it even had a chance to become a mainstay.   It did not take long for audiences to react. 

All 3D was not created equal.  Authentic 3D films are conceptualized, designed shot by shot and filmed using special processes and equipment to maximize the 3D experience.  2D films converted to 3D go through a conversion process in post to create an effect with less than stellar results.  No planning, no special equipment - just parlor tricks.  It is like putting frosting on a loaf of rye bread and calling it cake.  The single biggest issue for audience was there was no to know beforehand which process was used to create the 3D effect.  Of course, the promotional materials were not boasting "Shot in Amazing 2D (and then converted).  So, it was not until they were sitting in their theater seats after shelling out their the additional money that they discovered if they paid for a true 3D experience or bread with frosting.  With the poor 3D transfers,  a lingering recession and the every growing options of home viewing the moviegoer had it, sales plummeted. 

Now Sony,  the studio that gave us the classic film Smurfs 3D, drops a bombshell announcing that it will no longer supply the glasses with the price of admission.  Instead they are putting that financial responsibility in the hands of the theater owners.  For those of you that are not too knowledgeable about business this translates to to the savings will not be passed down to you, expect to pay more.  As a result we can expect an increase in the already jacked up 3D movie prices by what is estimated to be $3-5 for a grand total somewhere between $16 and $23 depending on where you live...FOR SMURFS 2 IN 3D?!?!?
Sony whines how they lose $5 to $10 million dollars with every 3D release due to costs associated with the special glasses.   So what, I lost $34 when I paid for two tickets to The Green Hornet in stunning, half-ass 3D.  Sorry Sony Pictures, but that $10 million is the SFT (Sh*tty Film Tax) that you'll have to pay for putting out low rate films, wasting our time and ruining our dates.
How the theater owners react will be interesting will they fight it, will they develop a new system to recycle the glasses or will they just lay down and raise their ticket prices.  My guess, is a rebellion where all theater owners across the US unite to stop the oppressive ways of the studios, finally giving the consumer a break.  Nahhh.  Just kidding, I expect higher ticket prices and little else.

Will you pay these prices?  Is this the death knell of the 3D film generation?


Gamewell said...

I'm just about through with $ony. They really are worse than Apple

Anonymous said...

Worse than Apple?? Thats saying a lot. Apple is a scummy operation. surprise, surprise. w/ these movies Sony isnt winning anyone over either.

Michael said...

I have never gone out of my way to support $ony and never will. Sure I might see movies produced by $ony, but I don't fall sucker to the idea that $ony is the best just because its $ony. Screw them, I hope people start to vote with their dollars more and not support $ony.

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