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Friday, September 2, 2011

Resident Evil: Afterlife (the first original FilmSnork review)

Why do I keep watching this series? Oh yeah, hot, wet chicks fighting zombies - in one word, art.  Far from it.  It is like they producers asked themselves what are all the things that video game players and tried to cram it into an hour an half movie without asking themselves how to make a good film as well.  The film holds the title of thinnest plot in a series not known for good storytelling, cheese ball action meant to excite that only to come off preposterous, paper thin characters literally and figuratively as well.  For some reason when I imagine the savior or humanity from a zombie apocalypse I never thought she would weigh under 100lbs.  If you are watching it for a laugh you are better off... there is no suspense and any twist can be seen long before it actually occurs and when it does you won't care anyway.  For those that like zombie movies, skip the first half to avoid inane, pointless back story.   The answer to my own question; I continue watching because like any book I start, I will not quit it - bad or good I push through until the end - for this series it seems like that will be when Mila retires or it goes Direct-to-DVD which sets me free from any sort of obligation.

3 out of 10 Stars

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