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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Point Break Remake Uproar Missing the Point

I cannot tell a lie, I am not a big fan of Point Break.  The story of an FBI agent (Keanu Reeves) that tries to infiltrate a surfing group lead by Patrick Swayze in order to put a stop to a string of robberies did little for me.  Apparently there are people that feel passionately about the film - then again there are probably people that feel passionately about Weekend at Bernies 2.  Since the news has broken that the film is going to be remade, the fans and some of the press are in an uproar.  How dare you mess with the "classic???"  I am sorry to break it to you people, the film is not a classic.  Just because a film is older than your VCR (ha, remember those?) it does not automatically qualify it to be called a classic.  That goes for all films.  A film shot in the 40s can just as well be a turkey as a film shot in the 2000s.  I am not saying Point Break is a turkey, but I do question the uproar over the remake of a mediocre film when so many other films have been bastardized with nothing more than a peep from the public. 

Are the fans afraid that a remake will taint the memory of the thespian-like performance of Mr. Keanu Reeves.  Whoa!  Doubt it.  Do they fear the of Patrick Swayze legacy will be compromised?  Don't worry about that, he made enough good films (and bad ones) that I am sure his legacy will remain intact.  The write ups and comments I have observed come across as if the announcement were for a remake of The Godfather.  Sorry, Point Break is no Godfather.  Actually it is barely even at par with the forgettable, disappointment, Hook (Spielberg's flop about an adult Peter Pan). 

Just to show you where Point Break sits on the beloved list based on current standard - it currently has about 159K fans on Facebook, sounds impressive until you hear that Hook has 149K and another 1991 film Fried Green Tomatoes has 450K.   Neck and neck with Hook is not he best sign.  This study is not in the least bit scientific, you say.  That is true, I am not a scientist.  Even so, when you you look closer to see that another Swayze film, Dirty Dancing has 11 MILLION fans, Point Break really looks like small potatoes that it is. 

Even if I do not care much for Point Break and I find the uproar to be a little silly; I do empathize with its fans and support them. Not because of any secret appreciation of Point Break - only because I find the remaking of a successful film to be almost always completely unnecessary.  Why destroy the memories of the fans and reshape those new to the story?  The answer, as always, money.  If someone tried to repaint the Mona Lisa in an attempt to replace the original, the public would not accept it.  Yet, with film, it is not only accepted, it is widely practiced.  If they were to remake sub par movies with potential in an attempt to  turn the trash into treasure, that would be acceptable at times.  Instead they are strip mining popular, successful stories in and attempt to recreate the box office

We should have picketed outside their doors when they announced their plans to re-create The Manchurian Candidate, Halloween, Psycho, etc.  Of course, no one did.  We sat complacent another string of remakes such as Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Beetlejuice and a dreaded Blade Runner prequel were all announced.  Now they have come to re-imagine your cherished little Point Break and you suddenly want the world to stop what it is doing and stop the travesty.

We were the guardian at the gates, sleeping while the fortress of film was stormed.  Now is the time to wake up and fight back.  Voting with your dollars may sound cliche, but it is powerful.  Boycott the upcoming remakes and be vocal about it... a silent boycott is near worthless.  Find an outlet like the world's newest, most exciting film blog, FilmSnork, to make yourself heard.  Do not put the money in the hands of those that think it is okay to produce rehashed ideas rather than original content.  Do all this and maybe, just maybe, we can shift the direction of Hollywood.  With a lot of effort endless remakes, unwanted prequels and unnecessary sequels could be a thing of the past.  In addition, for the love of God, boycott all Direct-To-DVD sequels, prequels and remakes - nobody needs to relive the humiliation that the poor fans of Slapshot did when the atrocious Emilio Estevan sequel came into their lives.

So, skip seeing the Point Break remake, not only because you are a fan of the mediocre film, but also because you do not want to see the word's McG's "Pulp Fiction" on a marquee anytime soon.  Of course, there are always exceptions, there always are.  It is the standard issue remake that was approached with reckless abandon that are the problems.  The ones that are not made to celebrate the original, but rather because someone in a suit said, "hey, what movie can we remake to make a shitload of money?"  You know the difference, prove it with your dollars.


Michael P said...

I enjoyed the original Point Break, but no means do I refer to it as a classic. Remaking it is a joke, and I for one will not be seeing it. This will be a complete bastardization of a subpar movie with a great cheesiness to is. The remake will be garbage.

William Joe said...

The movie sucks. It should not be remade ii should be burned.

Anonymous said...

The original movie was great, and is a classic of 90's pop culture movies. Next they'll remake Near Dark!

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