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Friday, September 2, 2011

"Let The Right One In" (Retro Review)

Retro Reviews are reviews I had written in the past about movies that deserve some recognition, good or bad. If you have seen it already, feel free to comment.

(originally written in 2009)

Vampires are a hot commodity in Hollywood these days.  Drivel like Twilight does its best to ruin not only date nights but also the memory of shows like Buffy and the hot and cold True Blood making people unsure if they should keep or cancel their HBO.  As the studios continue take advantage of the craze the on screen results seem to be nothing more than retreads; offering little tin the way of creativity and leading to what may soon be a vampire burnout.

A film that bucks the trend, offering not only a creepy tale, but also a unique take on vampires in good way to describe this foreign film  - "Let the Right One In". The film takes place Sweden (this is quite evident when you see the young star's hair style) in the dead of winter.  Oskar, is a grade school outcast with no real friends and an unappealing family life.  He lives an isolated life which may be what attracts his new friend, a girl named Eli, who is an outcast or her own sort - she just happens to be a vampire.

The core to this film is their relationship, not the vampire lore, scares or even love triangle which seems to be all we see nowadays.  The director never forgets the characters, which is rare in a genre of film full of shallow, one dimensional roles.  What you will find when you watch this is a warm tale of a sweet friendship and some images that might just haunt your dreams.  What you won't find is a werewolf that can't keep his shirt on... thank goodness.

9 out of 10 Stars


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